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What’s Your Passion Project? posted by: Melissa Galt
Let's get up close with Tallia Deljou ~ Mavenly & Co.

When asked what Tallia Deljou, Co-Founder + President of Mavenly + Co, does for fun, she immediately replied “every single day of my life is fun!”  And her mission is to create that same feeling for women around the world, that magical place where we do what we’re meant to do.
Beyond having fun with clients and making her mark with Mavenly + Co you’ll find Tallia practicing the latest hip hop dance moves, keeping her balance with yoga, and embracing the magic of meditation. She says each of these experiences “brings you back to yourself.”

Mavenly + Co began as a passion project for her and fellow CoFounder + CEO Kate Gremillion.  Both women had been leadership consultants for Delta Gamma for a year following college graduation when they traveled to over 25 universities and lived on the road.  Tallia headed to graduate school for her Master’s degree in Positive Organizational Psychology while Kate started what she anticipated would be her dream job in PR.

The dream job turned out to be a nightmare and Kate turned to the internet to find information about other young women struggling with work that felt soul sucking. She didn’t find much so she began blogging.  Facebook brought the two eventual founders together, despite their similar start they’d never met.  Tallia began writing for Kate’s blog and then they realized that what they’d begun was bigger than a blog and Mavenly was born. 

One of Tallia’s specialties is helping us understand the emotions we feel and recognizing who they truly belong to. She likes to ask “what percent of you is filled with fear and worry and stuff that isn’t yours?”  She adds the clincher, “how would your life be different if you let it go?” (I’m still mulling that one over!)

Mavenly + Co’s upcoming conference (July 28 in Atlanta) is benefiting Dress for Success. What I loved was that Tallia shared that working women actually reach out to Mavenly  + Co for the tools they offer and events.  If resources are ever an issue, Mavenly + Co either finds a sponsor for that individual or provides scholarship tickets. They walk their talk in supporting professional women and leading the charge to close the wage gap and get you paid what you’re worth.

Tallia’s favorite author of the moment is no surprise, Jen Sincero and her “You Are a Badass” series.  When asked about one person that she’d like to have dinner with, she was hesitant to share a celebrity, but admitted Jennifer Lopez. In a recent interview Tallia read, she was impressed by how Lopez doesn’t allow fear to stop her in going for new opportunities. 

Speaking of new opportunities, Tallia is engaged to her soulmate and will be getting married in May 2019. In today’s complex environment of the changing gender roles, she and her fiancé will both keep their names, and are entertaining the unique idea of adopting each other’s last names as middle names as a way to take a part of each other.  Think that may be a generational game changer.

Be prepared to earn what you’re worth with Tallia’s “Negotiating with Influence” presentation.  It will increase your impact and your income!
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