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Business Resource Links
Here is a list of webinars held this week about the new CARE act. It is recommended that you watch several different webinars because they all come at it from a different angle.



Home Furnishings Association Webinars and Retailer resources

Nationwide Marketing Group



BDO Recordings, webinars and articles on business impact

BDO Advice for Non-Profits

Furniture Today Video

Business guidance for coping with Covid-19


Business High Point

Sheet detailing small business loans available through CARES act


SBA Economic Disaster Loan Q&A


HP Chamber resources list


My Doma Studio 19 Hours Virtual Conference

April 6-9 - 3 to 4 sessions per day


Fashion Snoops - Also view previous webinars on demand at fashionsnoops.com

April 1 - Color Support From Pantone

April 3 - 21 Mens Seasonal Narratives with Liberty Fairs


IDS - Virtual Education Series

March 24- Nancy Ganzekaufer - What You Can do Now to Stay Focused and Keep Your Business Active

March 26 - Brad Clinard - Financial Design and Navigating Times of Uncertainty

March 31 - Debra Scarpa - 7 Digital Changes to Help Your Business Survive and Be Better Than Before

April 2 - Michelle Lynne - Managing Your Players From a Distance

April 14 - Jenna Gaidusek, Sarah Durnez and Kelly Fridline - eDesign 101

April 15 - Traci Connell - How To Get Back Up When Life Knocks You Down

April 16 - Yian Quach - Website Essentials to Survive an Economic Recession as an Interior Designer


Sustainable Furnishings Council

April 16 - Sustainability Essentials Webinar - JUST ONE



Offering ASID members free CEU classes on ASID Learning Academy.



Luann Nigara Podcast

Power Talk Friday: Peter Lang, CPA: Taxes and the Coronavirus Relief Package Explained

Gabriela Gargano: Thinking Like an Entrepreneur

Luann's business advice from this episode:

  • Remember that this Covid-19 crisis isn’t forever.
  • Take this time to learn to work better remotely.
  • Find more ways to be collaborative and keep the lines of communication open.
  • As entrepreneurs, we have to figure out a way to work through this.
  • Focus on business planning in greater detail, such as business expenses, hurdles, goals, targets, etc.
  • Most importantly, do not delay in responding and looking at what changes you need to make in order to protect your cash flow.
  • Make rational, unemotional decisions when you are calm. Make decisions based on thoughtful evaluation with your CFO or whoever helps you with your finances in your business.
  • Commit to taking the actions that you make a decision on.
  • This planning and effort will help to provide you with a peace of mind, which is very important subconsciously for your team. When you’re calm and positive, your team will feel that.
  • Don’t overreact. But don’t NOT act!


Kimberley Seldon Podcast

EP 158 | BOD™ Business Alert – March 23, 2020 with David C. Baker

EP 159 | BOD™ Business Alert – March 26, 2020 with Alexa Ralff



How to Collaborate Effectively if Your Team is Remote - HBR article by Erica Dhawan


Gretchen Rubin podcast

Coping During Covid-19

Coping with Covid-19 Working from Home


Tobi Fairley Podcast

How to Move Forward During the Coronavirus Outbreak


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