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Corporate Member Benefits

  •  Your company is recognized at all WithIt events for one year, acknowledging you support the organization that is contributing to the transformation of the industry through their leadership, insight, and vision.
  • Corporate members have a featured member spotlight on the WithIt website.
  • Individuals from your company that become members of WithIt build personal and professional skills in an environment of support at the Annual Professional Conference, member networking events, and member seminars throughout the year.
  • Members have access to the Mentor Program
  • Corporate member event registrations are at a discounted rate regardless of whether they are the designated members.
  • For some levels, virtual lunch-and-learns supporting your HR initiatives can be provided.
  • Corporate memberships stay with the company, not the individual. You can update your members at any time during the year.
  • Access to WithIt’s comprehensive online membership resource guide.
  • Free source of recruitment through the WithIt website.
  • Opportunity to recognize the excellence of women in your company through nominations for WOW Awards given to women yearly for their outstanding contributions to the industry.

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