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As a technology-driven shipping platform, Freight Club was designed to provide convenience and efficiency to retailers and manufacturers of all sizes, helping them streamline their shipping process. With expertise in LTL furniture shipping, Freight Club offers access to more than 40 meticulously vetted carriers at enterprise rates, specializing in residential and commercial deliveries across the U.S.

 With dedicated teams for account and operational support for our customers, we work to ensure that every step of their shipping process is accompanied by expert guidance. Our best-in-class reporting translates complex data into clear and actionable insights, empowering our customers to make informed decisions and gain strategic advantage over their competitors. 

 In a world where speed and precision reign, Freight Club’s technological prowess, combined with its commitment to exemplary service, enables customers to navigate the intricate world of shipping with ease, confidence, and efficiency.


Samantha Taylor 
Sales Account Director | Freight Club
Email: samantha.t@freightclub.com |Phone: 604 335 7148

Gillian Dew 
Senior Account Director | Freight Club
Email: gillian.d@freightclub.com |Phone: 778-893-9141

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