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Situated in the heart of Texas, our family-owned enterprise spans generations and over four decades, adapting seamlessly to industry shifts and community dynamics. At SEI, we excel in crafting efficient, aesthetically pleasing spaces with exquisite accents, catering to your design sensibilities.

Our unwavering dedication to innovation results in purposeful products that seamlessly align with diverse lifestyles. As ecommerce connoisseurs, we specialize in drop shipping, providing retailers and designers seamless access to our versatile range.

From space-efficient corner desks to transformative dining tables doubling as chic consoles, every inch of our offerings maximizes functionality. Leveraging strategically positioned distribution centers, we prioritize rapid deliveries, complemented by an adept customer service team.

Beyond our exceptional products, we champion social responsibility through SEI Cares, channeling over 1,000 volunteer hours and $300,000 into impactful causes such as ovarian cancer eradication, children’s shelters, scientific research, and Texas-based animal rescue initiatives.

Contact: Tori Evans, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing
760-427-8224 | tevans@seifurniture.com

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